Friday, November 20, 2009

Me noob, you no noob.

ok... um... I haven't done this in like forever so... I guess I'll just... um... type? So today I recovered from a mild sickness, called... um... I guess it doesn't really have a name. Any way I felt like crap for two days... ur... one day? Sorry I don't really have any concept of time O.o. Back to the point, I just came back from the abyss of sickness and now... oh ya now I remember what the illness was called, I think it was called like treatment illness or something. Well now I feel better than ever and... um... one sec my fingers are getting tired. -_- ZzZzZz |WAKE UP> O_-. All better, aanndd I just thought of a way to make a fancy k. watch this. |{. Freaky right? I know I know so............ bye? Ya I think that's how ya say it. Bye

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bruce said...

I thought I left a comment for you but it did not appear. Anyway this is some rambling of your 40 yr old uncle. keep writing and I'll keep reading you noob! take care and no more getting sick!!