Friday, November 20, 2009

Me noob, you no noob.

ok... um... I haven't done this in like forever so... I guess I'll just... um... type? So today I recovered from a mild sickness, called... um... I guess it doesn't really have a name. Any way I felt like crap for two days... ur... one day? Sorry I don't really have any concept of time O.o. Back to the point, I just came back from the abyss of sickness and now... oh ya now I remember what the illness was called, I think it was called like treatment illness or something. Well now I feel better than ever and... um... one sec my fingers are getting tired. -_- ZzZzZz |WAKE UP> O_-. All better, aanndd I just thought of a way to make a fancy k. watch this. |{. Freaky right? I know I know so............ bye? Ya I think that's how ya say it. Bye

Monday, February 2, 2009

I think legos are cool because you can make anything literally anything with them. If you have gone to the SEE science center there is proof . At the SEE science center they have made a model of Millyard AKA the millyard project. ( shown above )